4's a Charm?

4’s a Charm?

15/05/2014 in General, Race Reviews

My 4th race in 7 weeks will be fun but unfortunately it is the end of an era. I am still looking for the words to describe the announcement that Rev3 has cancelled the 2014 pro series. There are a lot of things that just did not work the way that so many were hoping. I am frustrated with a lot of people for this downfall and here is who and why:

1) The local towns – Most triathletes that do bigger races that are part of a series (WTC, Rev3, Challenge, TriCal, ITU) travel a little or quite a ways to race these events. The Rev3 crew always put on races with large prize purses attracting the best professionals from around the world to Middlebury CT, Venice FL, Anderson SC, and a lot of other venues from around the country and never once did I see a local media trailer on site to cover the race or hype the race to the locals out to see what the event was about, cover the event that closed their roads all day and generated over $1,000,000 of income for the local economy.

2) Triathlon Media – The US and international triathlon media outlets never gave Rev3 races the same web & publication support that WTC races got. Rev3 Quassy which paid $100,000+ got less coverage than 70.3 Hawaii a race with an embarrassing $15,000 purse. The media seems to be in bed with WTC but they seem to miss the point that competition is good and healthy. If WTC does not have any competitors their races, swag, and coverage will continue to decline.

3) Professionals – Age Groupers follow the pro’s, I have learned this and it is extremely flattering to have fans. The races we talk about and do, do have an influence on the races that age groupers do. That said the champions wall of Rev3 include many of the most popular and successful professionals in the sport, yet the issue is these pro’s never really bragged about how great the Rev3 races are. They would just swoop in, race the races, and collect a prize purse, that day not months later, bigger than they could’ve at most an WTC events and do nothing in return. Rev3 champions included WTC world champions Rinny, Crowie, Terenzo Bozzone, Julie Dibens…Lifetime series champions Greg Bennett and Matt Reed. The best of the best came and raced but never promoted it.

4) Rev3 – The pro series all of the major series were always announced well over 6 months before the first race of the series. We as athletes plan our seasons before the first of the year and every year it was a waiting game to get the Rev3 series schedule. It never really effected me because I am a loyal Rev3 athlete and I know that they paid better and more timely than WTC events.

These are just thoughts that have crossed my mind over the last month and have no basis, but for the few of us that Rev3 was our lively hood, I have to thank Rev3 and the staff because we wouldn’t still be racing today if it was not for the generous race prize purses of the series and their great media coverage and support. Rev3 puts on the best family event in the sport today and it is a shame that this will be my last Rev3 race for a while…so I better win it!

4x Rev3 Champion
2011 Rev3 Series Champion,


  • Dee 14:03h, 15 May Reply

    Sorry this just sounds like sour grapes. Don’t think The Real Starky would approve.

  • Jojo Baxas 14:25h, 15 May Reply

    It’s a real shame

    Thank goodness Challenge have lifted their game to try and stop the freight train that is the WTC monopoly

    Mate get over to Bahrain in December

    If some serious contenders support Challenge and as you so rightly point out promote it hopefully there will be room for more than one event organiser in the sport


  • #SMASHKnox | Alyssa Godesky - Professional Triathlete 16:06h, 17 May Reply

    […] After the bunkbed fiesta from Wildflower, I decided I needed some true R&R at this race and have treated myself to an actual hotel room with a view here in lovely Knoxville. This race is a wildcard for me. The shortest of the races I’m doing as a pro this year, it will definitely be a gamble, but one that I am ready for. The course suits my strengths and I have made some good strides in the speed department lately. And, hey everyone, THERE’S A LOT OF MONEY HERE! In fact, I don’t agree with anything “starky”-related too often, but I do think he’s right about this. […]

  • David Laskey 08:32h, 18 May Reply

    Amen, Brother! One thing I always respected about you besides your drive out there on the course, was you always speak freely and frankly. Very sad times ahead. In the end, I think the pros get what they deserve and never really understood how much they had to gain for fostering, embracing and helping build Rev3 into a viable competitor. It is what it is, and in my opinion, which is just that, I can see the axe falling over the next couple of years over 30% of the pro field. Much health, happiness and success to you, your family, and future.

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