The 4th Sport

The 4th Sport

09/11/2010 in General

We spend hundreds of ours staring at lines. The black line at the bottom of the pool, the white line on the edge of the road or track. The continuous line that deliver us to a lofty goal at the end of the year. Most of us come up slightly shy of hitting our goals and we are left in orbit somewhere in space.

So this season is going to be different, I am going to do more….But is that the right thing? There are many ways to get faster, and more is not necessarily the key to getting faster. For me, I start off with strength training. To me, this is the 4th sport. Core, joint strengthening, lifting, pilates, jump training, ect. Gaining power is the most effective way to get faster. Build muscle, then lean it out. Right now, as the next season start. We start with the 4th sport. I will be focused on building power this winter and phasing in the other 3 sports.

Why? Why more power and not becoming leaner? I have a wider frame with bigger bones. I will never be narrow. I am big, with a big engine. So I need some gears (muscles) that are capable of delivering the power the engine is exerting. Weight is a number, Power is a number. Power/Weight only matters when you climb steeper hills…most of the courses are flat…Then the formula becomes Power/Frontal Area where frontal area is constant. Therefore, unless you are racing in San Fran, Colorado, ect…I respect you for thinking about power per pound…Here it is Watts UP!!!!!!!!!

—- On side note —-
Scary similarity….My great friend Ed Alyanak’s wife, Professional Runner Ann Alyanak did the New York City marathon last weekend, and in the early miles she got tripped up and fell hard bruising her elbow and hip. She gutted it to the finish with a result not being the one she dreamed of. She finished in sub 2:45 top 35 American.

Train Safe,
RACE Safe,


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