70.3 Muncie...Champion

70.3 Muncie…Champion

16/07/2013 in General, Race Reviews

I am sorry that I spoiled the suspense of the blog with the title but the word champion is very fulfilling and appropriate.

After a large block of volume and a short rest week I was quite afraid of what my body would give me after the disaster of St George this spring done on a similar cycle. The week before the race was spent mending injuries of overtraining and trying to generate internal excitement to race. Here was my mentality of the week:
Monday – How in the heck am I going to get my legs under me
Tuesday – Let’s just see if I can walk without pain, nope
Wednesday – I am starting to relax but dang I am tired
Thursday – There is no way my body is going to let me push it to the max this weekend
Friday – My legs are feeling sluggish but alright

Then came Saturday…I stood at the swim start next to Olympian Tyler Butterfield in a line with the rest of the field, I asked Tyler, “who is the best swimmer in this field?”
He replied “You, that’s why I am here”
My reply “Really?”
His reply “Do you think they’re going to move that boat”
My reply “I hope not, rather have a still target than a moving one”

Then the cannon rudely interrupted our morning chat. The pace was quick to start but 300m in it suddenly it came clear, Callum (Millward) and I were the two swimmers. He led the first half of the swim and then I looked and say that we had opened up a small gap so I went to the front to really open up the gap. After boiling in my wetsuit for over 25 minutes I was finally exiting the water…For the second time in my pro career, the second time this season…we saw this:

On the bike I did what I do best on flat roads and that is let my Mavic’s scream across the chip’n’seal as my Orbea defies that cross winds.
I would love to tell you about the bike course but all I remember was my legs hurt for 2:00:56, my 5th split under 2:01…
The run was torture. I learned of my lead from my mom at mile 3 that I was 5.5 minutes ahead of Daniel (Bretscher) and 6 over Tyler and Callum. Each of those three is capable of running a 1:11 or 1:12 1/2 marathon, so I knew I was not safe. I kept pushing 5:55 miles out hoping that at the turnaround they would realize the race was for 2nd.

At the turnaround the lead had shrunk by a minute or I thought. My legs started to cramp at mile 10 and by mile 12 I was just keeping 1 foot in front of the other. I was struggling and my mind was playing tricks on me…finally the finish chute. My mom handed me a Purdue flag and like a Boilermaker express I crossed the line dominating one of the nations classics…the 34th Muncie Endurathon champion.

It was my first time racing pro in the state where my triathlon career really began. I don’t know what else to say but it was a great feeling and I am really looking forward to the flat roads of Racine this weekend!

Thanks for the support!



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