Base Training - Done

Base Training – Done

25/01/2011 in General

Over the years I have learned much from the sport about training and the body. No lesson has been greater than the need for a strong “base” training period, especially for a 40-55 week season. There will be no other time of the year, where I get 2 months of just training, no races, no real distractions (other than holidays), just hours in the pool, on the bike, on the road, and in the gym. It is not just hours of easy going. It also include surges, tempo efforts, and steady efforts. In all 3 sports, the early numbers are great.

It is in base training that you do interesting things. Like 1 hour all out time trial on the bike in the middle of a multi hour ride…you tell a cyclist to go ride 1 hour all out, a 25 mile time trial, they will look at you like you are nuts, maybe we are. Or in the pool, a strong 500, followed up by a 1000 negative split. A swimmer would look at you like you are nuts. Single sport athletes like their speed sets and their long easy sets, there are very very few who enjoy long periods at red line.

Yet, it is interesting, because what the body feels is red line right now, would not phase me in March or April when the real intensity is present. Where a 20 min set puts you out of commission for a day. This is why you need a great base period, a period to build up and prepare the body for the triumphs of a long season. An opportunity for the heart, mind, body, and soul to get fully endowed in the season in which I will likely swim 1 million yards, bike 12k miles, and run 2.5k miles. A chunk of this is in the books, now it is time to build speed on it.

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