Competition Ready

Competition Ready

11/02/2014 in General, Race Reviews

Is it really time to race already? The simple answer is YES.

70.3 Panama will be interesting. Running and cycling in the constant snow this winter has definitely got me fit but there is a large difference between “fit” and “fast.” Honestly I am hoping to make it through the race without using another “F” word too much :) That said I am excited to get on the road and see where I truly am at against what will likely be one of the strongest fields of the year.

Fighting to win and punish!


  • starykowicz 08:43h, 11 February Reply

    @ironmanpanama will be entertaining after a fun winter of riding in the snow!

  • joshua otstot 15:52h, 31 August Reply

    any chance we can get orca to design a Kona shirt for Starky followers? Fighting to win and Punish? #assault402

    I would Buy

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