Let's Get It On!

Let’s Get It On!

07/04/2016 in General

I have ridden is snow, sleet, rain, wind, sunshine, and most would expect for me to say this winter or this month, but truth be told it all has been in the last 5 days.  Now I get to go race in a places that the low predicted temperatures for the week is warmer than we keep our house in the winter.  I am sure my body is ready…convinced.  Now instead of having just 6 runs under my belt like I had going into Puerto Rico, Galveston will be run number 20 & hopefully my first continuous run over 10 miles.  Okay, done with whining.  All this extra “rest” from running has given me a little extra free time to spend with my daughter who clearly let’s me know that I am #1, so race day, I can’t let that little girl down.

Let’s Get It On,

#1 aka #Champion

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