Grandpa Rudy

Grandpa Rudy

11/12/2012 in General
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I believe in God, I believe that everything happens for a reason, I believe in higher powers.  I know that many prayers go unanswered and those that do are the moments we live for.Many of you all know very limited details of my Abu Dhabi horror story, but here is a little more insight.  

Let’s rewind to March, three weeks after the race my constant pressure on IMG (race management), ADTCA (government agency & race sponsor), US Embassy, and Prosecutor had yielded nothing but a dog chasing it’s tail.  

On a phone call from home I was told that a week from Friday is Rudy’s 85th birthday party and I really hope you can be there.  Something inside me snapped and rang loud that you NEED to be there.  This is when I started to really shake the tree and suddenly the case got taken away from the prosecutor and given to the Attorney General of Abu Dhabi.  Meanwhile the Secretary of States office was involved and a few people in congress (If you want to know who not to vote for, I can tell you which ones are lame ducks). 
Finally ten days later, Wednesday (two days before Rudy’s birthday party), I had arranged a meeting with the ADTCA rep, the Attorney General of Abu Dhabi, and myself.  He verified that a blood money bond could be paid, the case would go to court that same day, I would pay the fines, and I would get my passport and bike back.  At this point IMG had some contorted plan about how the lawyers of their insurance company would need XX documents from that Attorney General.  I brought those documents to the Attorney General and he said that he is not signing anything.
So I spoke with the head of IMG Middle East who was headed out on vacation and told him that I would get the money wired over, I will pay the bond, and they need to get me on the Friday flight home.  He went on to tell me that there is no way to get the money wired over that quickly and that they are working on it internally, if I did there are just too many things that would have to happen in order for my trip home, and if I was patient that the process will work itself out.  My process was getting my ass out of there and I told him that I will have the money here tomorrow morning and I need an IMG and ADTCA rep to get me through the process.  He gave me one of his employees to work with.  When I spoke to her that night she claimed that she had to pick up and drop off her kids from school and that she just couldn’t do it.  She also told me there is no way that I could get the money over.  At 11pm in the Middle East, the IMG rep called me and said that she would go, but she thought we are wasting our time.
Stateside I had called Jill at 6amCST and discussed my conversation with the Attorney General and with the head of IMG Middle East.  I told her what I thought needed to be done and she agreed.  So at 8amCST my mother was at the bank getting the money wired over.  The bank did not want to wire the money because they felt like it was an internet scam.  With much conversation my mother got the wire sent and the bank was then working on there side to make sure that it would post that night (morning in the UAE).  My brother talked with IMG USA and they denied that anything of this nature ever happened.
At 8am in a bank in Abu Dhabi, the money was there…and for the next 24 hours there were no set backs that lasted longer than a few minutes.  The 300 things that needed to happen in order all fell into place for the first and only time this spring.  I walked through customs at 6pm on Friday to see Jill and my run coach with his family and drive straight to Rudy’s party.
Rudy passed last week.  I am thankful that I was able to be there and I will always remember him for his stories and his love for a good glass of red wine.
God Bless,
I also learned that no documents of bond coverage ever occurred with the insurance company
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    You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your story. Your power on the bike is mind boggling. Congratulations on all your success and I hope you continue to dominate.



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