ITU Clermont Sprint

ITU Clermont Sprint

12/03/2013 in General, Race Reviews

This weekend was down right frustrating.  I spent the winter working, redeveloping, and finding speed.  At first all I did was feel like I was fighting myself but slowly I stopped fighting me and made huge strides in some tough winter weather.  I was excited to start the season with my refined speed in an ITU sprint distance race.

My warm up went well, I felt light on my feet, smooth on the bike, and powerful in the water.  I brought the engine up to red hot a few times to blow the bugs out before this violent 55 minute effort.  Then they lined us up in numerical order.  Number 1 was in ankle deep water and number 56 was in waist deep water.  I was number 49.  When the gun fired I did two dolphin dives and started swimming as I watched the lower numbers gallop away as they did a 100m surf dash.

The swim was great I swam hard and was passing a lot of people and pushing hard the whole time.  I feel I swam really well and was able to get into the tail end of the lead pack.  Pretty good for the start handicap I was dealt.  It was then a dash to transition and I ran hard.  I got to my bike and had a horrible transition.  I couldn’t get the wetsuit off or my helmet clipped.  I lost at least 10 seconds but chased hard and got onto the back of a small group just off the tail end of the lead pack.

As this happened I started experiencing symptoms of a concussion I had two weeks ago from when a chain snapped on a training ride.  I hesitated and the pack was gone.  In the next 5k the chase pack rode up to me and I just sat at the back.  My race emotionally was gone.  I got into T2 still determined to make lemonade out of the day but I had another pathetic transition.

I left the transition area and trotted toward the timer and ITU official to withdraw from the race.  As I got there I said to myself and accidentally out loud, “Fuck it, it’s only a 5K.”  So I trotted along and ran with a young Canadian who was struggling.  I cheered for a few of my competitors that were having great days and competing for spots.  We neared the finish line and he sprinted on me, what…we are battling for last today.  Game On.  I surged for the final 200m so I wasn’t quite last, but I was way to close.

This was an embarrassing display of the fitness that I had.  Yet I am human and I had a bad day.  Time to continue to heel and look forward to what is to come. 

I was reminded to look at the bright side, a year ago last week you were in jail.

Looking at the bright side,


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