I've become a Dinosaur

I’ve become a Dinosaur

23/08/2015 in Focus Aid, General, Race Reviews
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Here I find myself late in my 10th pro season realizing that my racing style has become extinct. I am not talking about my hard nose racing style of balls to the wall start to finish, but my training style. For the past decade I have grouped races in two’s or three’s back to back, then worked backward building blocks of training to be successful at those races. Often one of the races would end up being a fair performance while the other would be a standout racking up more than 10 professional wins and countless runner ups. This just wasn’t a once a year thing, this was 3+ times a year and included all distances. From 2006-2011 a majority of the races were non-draft Olympic distance with a few half ironman’s here and there. In 2011 I had the foresight that my odds were looking better in the longer distance and I tested my legs with a full…and won…at the end of a three week race block of Chicago (Olympic), Great Illini (Half), and Rev3 Cedar Point (Full).

Looking back I always enjoyed the St Anthony’s, Rev3 Knoxville, Memphis in May triple. Nothing like kicking off the season with classics. Another stack of races I always looked forward to was the Lakeside (Decatur, IL) Triathlon, Evergreen (Extinct), and New York City Triathlon triple. I can tell you I always raced better in the murky lakes and farm fields of Illinois than in the shadows of the high rises of NYC. Lately my 70.3 140.6 doubles have caught the eyes of many. I have done this peak now 4 times and it has produced 4 wins and 2 runner ups. To say the least, I had this thing figured out.

What happens next? The number of $30,000 prize purses, that is not the winner’s purse, that is the total earnings of all men and women in the field for the day, goes from nearly 75 in the United States to less than 25. This meant before you could choose your season and race to your strengths, now that choice is gone. Granted the prize purses have grown to now having more races with purses over $75,000, but now your pool of sharks all show up hungry and the courses may not suit you.

This leaves me at the white board staring. Now I can’t afford to have those flat days, because the next weekend is not another race…it is next month. This also makes it difficult to get 2-3 months of race specific training in between races since the races are spaced by 2-6 weeks and you have to toe the line if you’re going to pay the bills.

What now? Well, this fall I will embark on what guys like Pott’s have been doing for years, racing once a month. Between now and November I will try this single block and race thing, I got to do it to be competitive these days. It will be fun tweaking my training and seeing the results!

Fighting to Win & Punish,

  • Mark 14:44h, 23 August Reply

    I think it’s a good idea. This will allow you to create mini peaking cycles every month with the proper amount of rest. You could also use certain races as peak test races as you prepare for big purse races. I like it. Keep up the good work man. See ya when I see ya!

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