Kona Race Week

Kona Race Week

15/10/2013 in General, Race Reviews

As most know I finished 19th at Ironman World Championships in Hawaii last weekend.  I am still digesting all that happened during the race and will have a full race report next week with pictures and an accurate depiction of the race.

I spent the week in the hands of RaceQuest Travel and they made sure that I made all of my race week obligations and had rides for us.  I was very thankful for all of their support and it really allowed me to focus on nailing it on race day.

Sunday we, Jill and I, got to swim in what she calls the aquarium.  If you ever race Ironman Hawaii, getting into the water at least 3 times before the race to get over the amazement of swimming over thousands of tropical fish is a must.  After a nice dip, I went out and rode a good part of the course getting tailed by a photo crew collecting a plethora of incredible shots.
looking deep inside
Monday was the start of the interviewing marathon.  I did get some training in and finally started to feel good and the excitement to race was finally there.MDot
Tuesday was a circus, a day was full of media obligations.  I got my workouts in early because the day was going to be busy.  Actually I meant to get the workouts done early but I was greeted by random drug control, which made what appeared to be a busy day just that much worse.  From breakfast with Bob Babbit and Paul Huddle to a panel with Macca and Kienle, interviews with the Spanish and French triathlon mags and more.  The day went quick.
Wednesday was a rest day.  I had two quick interviews and I spent the rest of the day with my feet up.
Thursday I got my final shake out of the engine and it was firing on all cylinders so I shut it down after just a few minutes.  I was powerful and fluid in all three sports and ready for race day.

Friday I made the final preparations for race day.  The gear was all set and finely tuned and ready to rock…Jill cooked a stellar dinner and it was off to bed early.Breakfast

Race Day –
The short version.  Great swim, bike was going great until my stomach revolted, collected myself and came off the bike first but was depleted for the run.  I am shocked I finished.FINSIH
I went out to dinner with my wife and coaches thankful that they made the trip and for all of their support.  I felt and still feel guilty about how poor my performance was compared to how fit we are.  It just will be fuel for the fire for Ironman Florida in less than 3 weeks.

Next week I will post the full race report and my takeaways.  Thanks for all the support, well wishes, and congrats.  It was an accomplishment but only a fraction of what could     have been.

Stay tuned and thank you,


  • starykowicz 14:57h, 15 October Reply

    Here is a quick read on my race week @IronmanTri Hawaii, not the day I wanted to have but a great week none the less! http://t.co/M5xoZc7Lng

  • buchu78 15:15h, 15 October Reply

    RT @starykowicz: Here is a quick read on my race week @IronmanTri Hawaii, not the day I wanted to have but a great week none the less! http…

  • sean 15:47h, 15 October Reply

    Hell of an effort Starky! Just wondering if you have ever run an open marathon. Good job man!

  • Gowers 17:26h, 17 October Reply

    Great effort. Don’t let yourself be too disappointed. Looking forward to watching you smash it again next year without the stomach issues.

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