Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

17/01/2013 in General
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Before the shit hits the fan here is my 2 cents.  I have never met or talked to Lance Armstrong.  I have looked forward to the day that I would have to raced this global icon and crushed him on his beloved bike.

Instead of being persuaded by the media that Lance Armstrong is evil, we need to look at some different angles.  Lance Armstrong grew up a competitor, prodigy, and star.  At the age of 15 he was rivaling the icons of triathlon Pigg, Allen, and Scott.  I strongly doubt that Lance’s mother had a fridge full of EPO for her son at 15.

As Lance clears the air in the coming days, I think he is only going to put the world of endurance sport into a haze.  How can so many of these athletes deceive doping control for so long?

Lance Armstrong has inspired millions of cancer warriors and survivors that there is life after cancer.  Lance Armstrong inspired millions to get off the couch and ride their bikes and lead a healthier life.  Lance Armstrong helped raise billions of dollars saving millions of lives through cancer research and outreach.  Over 90% of the finishers in the top 10 during Lances 7 Tour titles have been busted for doping at some point in their career.

When did Lance start abusing performance enhancing substances, was it when he was on the US Junior National Cycling team, Motorola, Cofidis, during cancer recovery….Would Lance Armstrong have recovered from cancer without performance enhancing substances – no, every cancer warrior relies on these drugs to regain the ability to function.  Would Lance Armstrong have won a single tour without substance abuse – obviously not.  Would Lance have won 7 tours and a world championship if nobody was doping – maybe not, maybe he would have won more.

It frustrates me more that he and many others were able to deceive drug control for so long.  Every athlete I know has a game face and twists the truth.  They never tell you how fit they are, how much or hard they are training, what their game plan is for the race…it is always mind games.  Now my question is, how does Lance get out of going to jail for lying under oath?

My final thought
Lance got involved in getting me out of the UAE without anybody reaching out to him.  He heard about the situation and got involved.  Had it not been for him and about 15 of you busting your butts and doing anything they could to get me home, I still may be over there.

While most of you sit back and make Lance out to be evil, I didn’t see you getting up and trying to get me home.


  • Thomas Gerlach 23:32h, 17 January Reply

    Well you are sure right about one thing… Mind games… For the record, I am in terrible shape right now, barely fit enough to ride my bike.

    In all truthfulness, there is no room for doping in the sport. Hopefully Lance can help clean it up further. Hopefully he can help further cancer research, and strengthen bicycle advocacy. As for triathlon, I’m not sure you are ever going to see your day to smash him on the bike. You will just have to suffice with smashing the rest of us.


    Thomas Gerlach
    Professional Triathlate

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