Mid Season Review

Mid Season Review

02/07/2013 in General, Race Reviews

Here we are half way through the year and there are a lot of words to describe the season thus far.

March started off with a concussion in a training crash due to a mechanical failure and the races in the next month were surprising. I went into ITU Sprint confident in my power and speed but had nothing on race day. The next weekend was 70.3 San Juan a race that I had little expectations for since I has spent my winter developing power and speed and won the race over a star studded field. It was a good thing I did because they were just enough to cover the medical bills!


April was spent with my nose the the grindstone pumping out intense workouts and elongating my speed to fit the half distance, by the end of the month I was ugly fast.

May was race month as it is every year. Like every other year it was tremendously disappointing. 70.3 St George I was flatter than a New York pizza on race day. The next weekend I had a phenomenal race at 70.3 Mallorca but the field was deeper than a Norwegian fjord and I got spanked by 8 minutes in the 1/2 marathon running 5:53/mi pace. This was followed up by another 1/2 iron distance race in Bilbao triathlon, a race which I swam and biked away with while overcoming electrical problems on the bike only to succumb to a food illness I had contracted the previous night. I ended up at the doctor office again with a Salmonella type bacteria infection.

June is the rebound month some years and others it is just, well, frustrating. The month started off with a poorly officiated race at Rev3 Quassy in which 12 guys rode a well orchestrated team time trial and limited my lead and were all fresh off the bike and I was still suffering from my bacteria infection. The bright spot was Rev3 Williamsburg in which I was able to race again and not be limited by illness and found myself in the top 5.

Now it is time to do what I do every year, race twice in July and then kind of disappear until September, October, and November when I will be a caged animal…not nice little puppies like Zeus and Thor but like a bull that is getting steered*.

Training HARD,


* – a bull is “steered” by eliminating its testicles. This is commonly done by zip tying or putting a rubber band above their nuts.

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