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A few days ago I was watching the Discovery Channel and it showed two people having sex in an MRI tube.  When any sane person sees this they are not changing the channel.  The program was the Anatomy of Sex and like anybody I watched it with interest.  Who wouldn’t?
There are a few interesting takeaways from the program, but it really got me thinking beyond the program adapting it to our sport.  One of the major takeaways is that no two people are stimulated the same way and every day depending on hormone levels we are stimulated differently.  (So for all the guys, women are impossible to figure out.)  For example if fifty people are in the midst of a race and each are coming down a hill into a sharp right hand bend.
You line up and take a perfect line through the corner, curb to apex to curb.  As you come out of the corner there is….
A huge 2′ long pothole in the road.  You clock the hole and your tire explodes.  This brings me to motivation.  This is a disaster now the question is how does this effect you?  Do you:
+ have a meltdown because your perfect day is out the window and drop out
+ change the tire and do the rest of the race half heartily knowing that the day will not yield the results you knew were possible
+ change the tire and get back on the bike and resume your race plan
+ change the tire and give it hell
These are the four options that I commonly have seen, but each of the 50 people would treat the situation different and the same person would do different on another day. 

Over the years the I have trained with, competed with and against thousands of people and all of them have a unique journey of what got them to that start line.  Some are motivated by inspirational stories, fear of failure, in pursuit of a goal, thrive on endorphins, or a million other different things.  Some people get motivated by near death experiences where all that seems dear to us nearly get taken away,

others by some coach screaming in their ear, or feed on other peoples faith in you,
for some it is about finishing what you started no matter what stands in your way,
because at the end of the day we all want to be in the same place
and our road there is very different.  No two people are the same, no training log works twice, no song motivates us every single day, we are dynamic beings with dynamic goals.  Bottom line, we are all out there every day busting our butts with the aim of conquering dreams.
Make a list of what motivates you every day and you will see trends based on your period of training and type of workouts you are having.  Then look at that list a week before a big race, what motivated you on days of your best workouts….This will get you to where you need to be!
Achieving dreams,

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