Picking Wildflower

Picking Wildflower

29/04/2014 in General, Race Reviews

In 2005 I went to Wildflower to race the Olympic distance race since at that time many still regarded the race to be the collegiate national championship.  One year removed from college and no longer eligible to race at “USAT” Collegiate Nationals led me to Wildflower triathlon to see what I could do against the best collegiates.  In mid April on an extra paper plate at the dinner table I wrote out splits of what I thought I could do on the challenging Wildflower course.  If I raced a great race a 2:00:20 was possible, with the course record at the time being 2:02:39.  I called my shot.

Race day I executed in all three sports racing to a winning and record shattering 2:00:35, a time to this day that is still one of the top 3 times all time on the course.  Jump ahead 9 years, now I look to conquer the course again.  Unfortunately Terenzo Bozone’s 3:53 will stay in the record book because the race will have a unique format this year due to the drought in central California.

The TriCalifornia race management team had the for sight that the water level was going to be too low to have the swim at the normal location, so the swim course was moved 2.5 miles away to a location that would allow for the swim to take place.  After the swim we will pull on our running shoes and run just under 2.5 miles to T1.  The bike course will be the same as it has been for years…and yes, Chris Lieto’s bike course record of 2:14 has every right to be afraid.  Then after T2 the run will be just under 11 miles instead of a 1/2 marathon so that the total distance run is a 1/2 marathon taking into account the run from swim out to T1.  All the adversity aside I am stoked to race this weekend at one of the most legendary courses in the world.  Those who have raced it love it and come back year after year, those who have not…just do not know what they are missing!

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