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Race Reviews

70.3 New Orleans Champion

04/21/2016 | By | 2 Comments

Next week I will talk about the week between 70.3 Galveston and 70.3 New Orleans, but this week we talk about winner winner chicken dinner. At a few minutes after 6am an announcement was made that the race start would be delayed because a few of the buoys had drifted, so I took a little […]

70.3 Galveston – 4th

04/14/2016 | By | One Comment

It is funny how confidence in your abilities ebs and flows as training progresses throughout the season. As of late, I have been training hard but not really confident of what I can do in the race. Which meant heading into Memorial Herman 70.3 Galveston I was well trained but had no clue of what […]

70.3 Puerto Rico – 10th

03/24/2016 | By | 11 Comments

Did the cannon fire or was it an air horn that started Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico, I will never know. I was dead focused on the swim start. I was nervous, I knew I had fitness but did I have speed? After Ironman Arizona I had an MRI of my foot which showed that I […]

2nd – 70.3 Austin

11/29/2015 | By | No Comments

Coming off a blistering fast 70.3 Miami just a few days earlier I knew I was bike fit but I was frustrated with the piss poor run I had in Miami. No matter how well I had been running in training, I really started to have the mindset that the 8 months of not running […]

4th Ironman Arizona

11/22/2015 | By | 4 Comments

Next week I will post the 70.3 Austin (Longhorn) race report, because I know that I know a lot more people are looking forward to this one even though it will be a lot less entertaining. I really don’t know where to start with this one. The beginning seems logical, but this is an Ironman, […]

I’ve become a Dinosaur

08/23/2015 | By | One Comment

Here I find myself late in my 10th pro season realizing that my racing style has become extinct. I am not talking about my hard nose racing style of balls to the wall start to finish, but my training style. For the past decade I have grouped races in two’s or three’s back to back, […]

70.3 Racine – 3rd

07/26/2015 | By | One Comment

This was the fourth time in my career that I was pulling the Ironman/half ironman double and every time I have finished better in the second race. I was hoping that this trend would continue. Unlike most of the times in the past I felt ready as race day neared and not wasted from the […]

Kona Race Review

01/06/2015 | By | 2 Comments

On August 16 I learned that I had a stress fracture in my sacrum and stress reaction in my femur so I took 4 weeks completely off, which meant skipping 70.3 World Championships so I could be healthy for Ironman World Championships.  When I say completely off, I mean 0 ft of any working out […]

Kona Bike Preview

09/04/2014 | By | No Comments

Kona is definitely coming and over the next two weeks I will post my assessment of the current status of long distance triathlon…but first check out Orbea’s rocket for Kona 2014. IN ENGLISH IN SPANISH Fighting to Win and Punish Andrew

5th USAT Supersprint

08/14/2014 | By | 2 Comments

When you are in the middle of one of your biggest blocks building into Half and Full Ironman world championships what sounds better than a supersprint? Nothing, speed-play is my favorite part of training and this event would definitely put my into some serious oxygen debt. The race was simple. 325m Swim / 200m Run […]

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