Rest Up Baby!

Rest Up Baby!

01/02/2011 in General

January wrapped up with a rest week here. Rest weeks are needed for a lot of reasons. The main one, refocus. Step back and ask yourself, am I on the right path? Is this train going in the right direction, or do we need to change tracks. Also, it is time for some good, old school rest for the body. No recovery drink, compression wear, massage is as good as rest. The week for me consisted of 2 days of total rest and 1/3 the training volume of a normal week. It’s a period of time to plan the next wave of training. This wave is a lot more familiar to me. Speed play!

Workouts that you fear, because they bring short, intense pain. The uber-distance stuff was like turning a screw, slowly but surely you get closer and closer to bottoming out. With speed play, you deal with failure to produce the speed desired, with cramping. Easy days become really easy, for no other reason than you are just fatigued.

Yet the hardest part about coming out of a rest week is getting back going. For weeks we are consistent beyond belief, we have our routine. Then a rest week, routine gone. Now with some tweaks during rest week, it is time to “find” a new and improved “routine.” The frustrating thing is, we must deal with a bit of change…because at the end of the day it is not just about getting the work in, it is about getting it in right!

In other news, I captured a picture this week of why I love the winter. As many know most of the year I like running and biking on the crushed limestone highways of Chicagoland, this is a shot that captures why…A snowmobile trail that has been groomed, waiting for me to conquer it.

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