Coping With Injuries

20:32 18 June in Focus Aid, General by Andrew Starykowicz

In order to find “the limit,” you have to step over it.  Most of the time it is as simple as “blowing up” due to muscle failure or nutritional meltdown, but sometimes stepping over “the limit” sidelines us with an injury.  I have found that...

Enginerding Nutrition

10:55 02 June in Focus Aid, General by Andrew Starykowicz

Nailing your nutrition is extremely difficult, because every day your body’s demands are slightly different. Often times we leave a race feeling like our nutrition plan that worked in training let us down on race day. Did it really let you down, or did you...

Ironman Texas

13:57 19 May in General by Andrew Starykowicz

The morning of Ironman Texas I was quite nervous, my ability to get to Kona was riding on a solid finish today.  The good thing was I did not need to be perfect, I just needed to race well, forget that…I am not points racing,...

70.3 Galveston – 4th

07:38 14 April in General, Race Reviews by Andrew Starykowicz

It is funny how confidence in your abilities ebs and flows as training progresses throughout the season. As of late, I have been training hard but not really confident of what I can do in the race. Which meant heading into Memorial Herman 70.3 Galveston...

Let’s Get It On!

20:46 07 April in General by Andrew Starykowicz

I have ridden is snow, sleet, rain, wind, sunshine, and most would expect for me to say this winter or this month, but truth be told it all has been in the last 5 days.  Now I get to go race in a places that...