Week 2

Jun/17/2009 in General

Workout of the Week -Track Workout - 3x10min at Race Pace w/ 2 min restThis weekend is one that I always look forward to. The weekend of Elkhart Lake Triathlon...

Week 1

Jun/10/2009 in General

Workout of the Week -Peter's (my brothers) Bachelor PartyWeek 1 of 5 balls to the wall hell weeks is in the book. It took me over 1000W a lot of times and to the brink of destruction (both physically and mentally) at least 5...

Rest Week

Jun/03/2009 in General

Workout of the Week -Bike to Race (~8 mi)Set up Race CourseRun the 5K (2nd, 18:15)Tear down the Race CourseBike Home (~8 mi)So this was a rest week, Race Monday, short easy run Tuesday, 3 straight days of no training, above was Saturday, then easy...

ITU Austin – 15th Place

May/26/2009 in General

Workout of the Week -ITU Austin (Capital of Texas Tri)A memorial day race. I have never raced on a Monday, but I was extremely excited to do so. ITU racing does not taylor at all to my style of racing, but the occasional...

St Anthony’s – THE SPRING CLASSIC – 10th Place

Apr/29/2009 in General

Favorite workout of the week:St. Anthony's RaceAs St Anthony's Triathlon neared, everything was going quite smooth. My knee (from last months car/bicycle crash) was feeling rather good (due to Alcis cream) but still had a bit of scar tissue in the joint. The...

Gin Optics Featured Athlete

Mar/03/2009 in General

The last two weeks have been very busy with training and travel. I have had the privlage of spending sometime my Grandparents and friends on my travels.Last weekend I was in Ohio for Wheeliefun's big spring sale in which the Veritas TT bike (which...