Same Ol' Song & Dance

Same Ol’ Song & Dance

31/03/2016 in General

While most of my competitors are explaining themselves on why they are changing sponsors…again. Me life is simple, other than 1 BASEc change I am with the companies that have supported me for years on end. In fact, I have been with my nearly all my sponsors a minimum of 5 years!

Instead of shoving this or that product down your throat, if you are at my blog you know what I ride, you know that I ride it because I have tested it in a wind tunnel, pool, or track and know it is fast and functional. I will save you the nausea that most of my fellow pro’s blog about and enlighten you with a 4 part video series about Orbea, which as a company is the oldest company in the world that builds bikes. 175 years ago they built lethal pistols, now they shoot riders to the top of podiums with carbon bicycles! Take a ride through 175 years of history.

Episode 1 – FIRE

Episode 2 – AIR

Episode 3 – WATER

Episode 4 – EARTH

It is a privilege to work with a company of such history, knowledge, and innovation.

Champion is Earned,


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