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Having the privilege of helping design the Orbea Ordu I got to experience the other TT bikes and I am proud to ride the fastest frame on the market. The competitors will throw up aero dynamics numbers in a particular condition and show how they are superior but here is the bottom line. If the power you put into the pedals is not getting transferred to the road, it does not matter! The Ordu takes advantage of advancements in carbon technology and puts any rider on a bike that is not only aero and stiff but also has superior ride quality and handling.


We spend thousands of hours over the course of years getting minutes faster. Then you get to the top level and you need clothing as comfortable as your pajamas and as fast as sleek as shark skin. This is where Orca trisuits have set the standard. Beyond the trisuit their form fitting wetsuits that give you buoyancy and unrestricted range of motion leaving the competitors seconds and minutes back!


I have come off the bike first at 70.3 world championships twice and both of them are credit to the comfortable cockpits of the Vision aerobar systems. Vision aerobars and cranks allow me to transfer every ounce I put into the bike to the road resulting in superior speed. Coming soon…the Metron drive train.

Infinit Performance

If you don’t fuel right it is not about not winning, it becomes a death march of not finishing.


We need fluid and nutrition to make it to the finish line and how cool would it be if the devices that held the fluid would make the bike faster? Torhans moto says it all “Conspire Against the Wind,” and I have been in the wind tunnel and the Torhans bottles actually reduce the drag of my bike. I will say no more.

Normatec Recovery

There are 168 hours in a week and most will train about 15 hours of those. This leaves 153 hours to recover for the next workout, that is 90% of the week. Yet when we start up a session after an intense day we often feel exhausted. This is where superior recovery steps in, Normatec Recovery boots take certified medical compression technology and brings it to the athletic world. After a workout what could be nicer than a 60-90 minute leg massage? Getting one every day with a set of Normatec Recovery boots.


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