Spring's Here

Spring’s Here

24/03/2015 in Focus Aid, General

As the sun sets on the winter it is time to transition from logging hours to logging intensity. It is time to put away the heavy coats and thick layers and take out the rain jackets and lighter weight jackets. All winter thus far has been binary type training, it’s either been steady base training or rest and recovery. With the changing of the seasons it is time to go from that “binary” training to finding some gears in that body. It is time to define & remind the body of LT, AT, VO2, zones, and all those other acronyms that are little tools in helping us to our dreams later in the season. It is time to throw a little fuel in the fire and achieve new heights this year. I look forward to going through the same struggles as you all as we build back into shape. The falls, the bad days, weathering the storms of life, and reaching some awesome finish line’s together…I better get their first!

Fighting to Win & Punish,


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