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2019 Training Camps

I am not going to tell you, I am going to show you, and You are going to LIVE IT.

2019 Camp Schedule
March 28-31 – Point to Point

Jackson MS -> Nashville TN
July 18-21 – Gnarly Loop
Knoxville or Asheville Area

Point to Point Training Camp

Start: March 28 – Jackson MS
Finish: March 31 – Nashville TN

How do I train? What do you do? It’s no secret, I surround myself with great people and put in focused hard work.  Yet, what is this “hard work?”  Most will then lecture on this and that training theory, yet human listening retention is not that great. Instead I will show you, and you will get to experience “hard work” 1st hand. It will not only be from Andrew Starykowicz but many other professionals as well.


Train with the Pro’s like the Pro’s.

We all live very busy lives with commitments pulling us every direction.  Training often can feel like a chore and that you are squeezing it in and more often we find ourselves “just getting workouts in” instead of “completing them” with focus, quality, and passion.  This is what you will be able to do at our camp.  You wake up, pack your bags for the day and roll out the door.  All logistics are handled and all you need to worry about is you and your training for 4 days.

Not only do you get to train free of life stresses, but you will get to train alongside Professional athletes.  You will get to exhibit how pro’s train, eat, what’s on their mind when they train, and the life they live off outside of race day.  You can pick their brain on the challenges you face in life and you get to do this all while enjoying the spectacular scenery of Northern Mississippi, Alabama, and Southern Tennessee.

How do we do this? 3 options:
1) Fly (or 1 way car rental) into Jackson, MS (JAN) & Fly out of Nashville, TN (BNA)
2) We have a team of athletes leaving Nashville at 6:30am on Thursday July 12, seating is limited
3) We have a team driving back to Jackson on Sunday night, seating is limited


– 4 days of training with Professional Triathletes
– 3 nights hotel at nicest hotel each town has to offer
– All Gear transfers
– Aide Stations every 20-35 miles stocked with Base Hydro, Base Bars, & Water
– Pool Access
– Loaded Musette which includes OVER $500 IN PRODUCT:

  • ProCut Base Cycling Kit – This will be the debut of the FA.S.T Racing kit, design is being released June 1.
  • Loaded Saddle Bag – To assure that all participants have the tools to change a flat we are supplying everybody with a saddle bag loaded with a tube, CO2 Gooseneck, CO2, and tire levers.
  • Musette – This will be your “special needs bag” each day
  • Rear Safety Light – Required for safety purposes during camp
  • Maps & Itinerary

$1200 – Until January 21
$1500 – January 21 – March 15


March 28 – Camp begins 1pm in Jackson MS
Run – Length of choice on paved trail
Bike – 60 mi (Shorter routes of 20 & 50 mi)

March 29 – Friday
Bike – 105 mi (Shorter routes of 40 & 70 mi)
Swim – Long Course Meters

March 30 – Saturday
Swim – Long Course Meters
– Bike – 85 miles
– Run – Length of Choice mid bike

March 31 – Camp concludes at 2pm in Nashville TN
Bike – 125 miles or until swept

In 2018 every single FA.S.T camp participant followed camp up with success on the race course.  For some camp gave them confidence going into their first Ironman, others learned nutrition and the true meaning of recovery.  On the bike everybody learned how to better navigate riding in a group, how to pace line, and many other little cycling tips.  Our ability levels ranged from striving for a sub-8 hour Ironmans to sub-8 hour Ironman bike splits and everywhere between.  Yet we all trained together, learned from each other, and thrived…in 2019 I can only imagine what the class of 2018 will achieve.

We took the feedback from our campers in 2018 and have gone next level in 2019.  Every session will have a coach briefing you before it discussing the goal of the session and advise of different ways to attack it. Our swims will be coached with technique instruction.  During our bike rides you will learn 1st hand from professionals on optimizing your performance.  Our runs will be on trails that allow you to zone out everything else and zone in your training.  Hotels will continue to be the best each town has to offer.  The only time that you pull your wallet out is for dinner each night.

Point to Point Training Camp

Start: March 28 – Jackson MS
Finish: March 31 – Nashville TN