What is Perfect training?

What is Perfect training?

18/01/2011 in General
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We all struggle with training. For me this weekend it was MLK, why do hours change all weekend for a 1 day holiday (which only a few people still get off)?

As we think about the undo stress thrown into our lives by:
– Running on the path doing a hard mile interval and in the 1 intersection that you cross, traffic stops you as you are pushing for a PR
– Biking a 30 second balls out interval and you catch a red light for an intersection that never is red.
– Swimming pushing through the last 100 of a set of 16 and some little kid swims into your lane.

All of these are things that just happen, hurdles. We get so frustrated about this little “hick ups,” but in the grand scheme of things…it is just life. Life is not perfect, we have bad days, bad luck, miss workouts, get burned out…Wait a second….

We have been given the God given talent to not only eat sleep and breathe easily, but excel. If you are reading my blog, you are likely an athlete that loves sport and embraces fitness. Look around yourself every day at the millions of people in the corporate grind whose highlight each day is if somebody brings in donuts or bagels for their service anniversary or birthday. We are healthy, strong individuals whose job it is to absorb Vitamin D while sweating no matter the weather. The multi sport lifestyle is about 1 thing as a whole. Moving, fast or long, we are about movement, goals, and accomplishment. Yes workouts are not perfect, but heck races aren’t, so train like you race, roll with the punches…Heck thank God I am healthy enough to do this.

Train Safe,


  • beth 16:45h, 19 January Reply

    sometimes i like to eat donuts too starky… ok??

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