Winter Is Here

Winter Is Here

11/01/2011 in General
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It is the time of year where life seems to stand still and the season feels so far away. The ground is frozen hard and lumpy with patches of ice lurking around every bend. It takes a load of laundry to just get outside a be comfortable.

There are a few different thoughts…move to somewhere warm, stay inside, or get out and embrace it. Myself, I get out as much as possible.

Much of my competition have migrated to parts of Australia, SoCal, Arizona, Texas, Hawaii, and Florida. Living year round in the summer does not sound all that fun to me, but that is where many live and make it successful.

Stay inside. The trainer, the treadmill, the torture of staring into the television. The Bourne, Matrix, Star Wars, Indiana Jones series and other movies just don’t exactly do if for me. Ironman coverage, yawn, ITU World Cup races can keep my interest for a while, cycling…fast forward to the final 5 or 10K to keep me cranking. Either way, if I am on the trainer, it just needs to be loud. Yet, if one does succumb to training indoors, you know you did it right if you have a pile of rubber under you after a ride.
Then there is my type of human specimen, outside and in the elements. Cold, go harder (or put on more clothes). The satisfaction of completing a great workout and pulling off your jacket and your perspiration turned to snow/ice up against your boundary layer. Watts are watts, whether you are using 22mm or 38mm tires, get out there and crank it up. If you are here in Chicago, if the wind shear of the open road is too much for you, hit the hundreds of miles of trails in and around Chicagoland (that can be seen on google maps, go to more, then click check Bicycling). The drawbacks to training in this weather, 1) Salt dust will dry out your skin and sinuses very quick 2) Cleaning, salt does wonders to your bike.Bottom line, do what suites your fancy. There is no right or wrong, as long as you are active and preparing yourself for PR’s in 2011.

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