6 Weeks Down

6 Weeks Down

25/06/2016 in Focus Aid, General

Wow, it has been 6 weeks since I was having that blazing day at Ironman Texas that came to a sudden halt. Since has been a waiting game for the body to heal and, let me tell you, I am not 20 anymore. I think my body is taking the remedial courses on this one.

Over the last 42 days I have put myself to work around the house doing things that needed to be done, I just had not got to them yet. There were many minor projects that fall under the household maintenance category, many of them 4 hours or less. Then there are the big projects…spending days as an auto mechanic, bicycle mechanic, electrician, carpenter, painter, mover, custodian, and laborer for my wife…along with spending a lot of time playing dad.

I can’t believe it has been 6 weeks and my heart still aches when I think about Ironman Texas. Yet I have kept my mind on other things and whenever I get cleared to resume training I will not have any distractions…just a Lazer focus on qualifying for and having a successful race at Kona.

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