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FA.S.T Coaching

Welcome To FA.S.T Coaching

You are here, because YOU have a desire to improve your training and racing performance and I have the desire to get you to your goals.  I only design customized plans around your lifestyle for 1, 2, or all 3 sports of triathlon.  I have experience training and racing:

  • Triathlon – For 20+ years competing at all distances on road and off road
  • Multisport – Events like SwimRun and Duathlon
  • Swimming in the pool and open water
  • Cycling from Time Trials to Road Racing, gravel to cyclocross
  • Running – my form may not be “pretty” but that proves the effectiveness of my training

These are sports that I have experience training and racing.  This allows me to have a more in-depth understanding of the body stresses, warning signs, and obstacles that may stand in the way of success.  Over the years, I have developed over 50 different progressions for swimming, biking, and running.  Each progression has specific targets which I have used to gain advantages specific to courses and differing race strategies.  I have experience with volume, threshold, and intensity based plans.  I know there is NOT a one size fits all plan.  Knowing this, we can work together to layout specific goals for paces, wattages, or distances that you feel you need to accomplish in training to set you up for the optimal performance on race day.  We will do this by formulating a plan that works for you, around your “real life” schedule.

I have two very unique plans below

  1. Progression Training
  2. Plan B

Please read about each of the training plans and if you are interested, fill out the document linked to the coaching section below and let’s get you started toward your goals.

Progression Training

When you can see measurable improvement week after week, it builds confidence and confidence breeds success.  We all have different training situations and schedules.  Some of us have strong backgrounds in athletics and some are just getting started.  Some have 5 hours a week to train and others have 20 hours.  I will build a full custom plan around you, your current abilities, and keep a keen eye on your goals, and get you where you want to go.

What is a progression plan?

A progression plan incrementally increases the speed, number of reps, decreases the rest, or some combination to challenge the body.  I believe it is important to progress, to find that limit, and fail workouts.  As important as it is to execute these progressions, it is equally important to recognize the signs for overtraining.  Our goal is to get FA.S.T but not get injured.  I may pull the plug a little sooner than most coaches because I know that the difference between 100% and injured is one hard workout.

If you have a smart trainer you can tryout a progression FREE (for 14 days) on the Velocity platform.  Experience what I call progression A and all 3 iterations.

Why FA.S.T Racing?

I am in it as your coach for YOUR long term improvement and for YOU to meet your goals. My name is on your training and I will live the results of the races like they are my own.  We will sign 3-4 month contracts and set specific goals.  I know what it’s like to balance a full time job and training.  I have a wife, 3 children, and know how important family is and how hard it is to balance work, family, and training.  Let’s face it, a happy balanced life breeds more focused training.  I can design a training plan and schedule to help you meet your goals and have a work-life balance.

Who will be giving me my workouts?

You will communicate directly with me about your training successes & schedule.  We will set up a time each week via phone, email, or text to discuss the past week and what lies ahead.  The plans will not just be posted each week without communication and understanding of the workouts.  I prefer to communicate workouts via Excel or Trainingpeaks.

How much does it cost?

I will coach you only where you want it.  We will develop plans for 1, 2, or 3 sports specific to your race goals.  The cost structure for the 3-4 month blocks are as follows:

1 sport – $250/mo
2 sports – $375/mo
3 sports – $450/mo

Sport options:
Swimming – Pool or Open Water
Cycling – Time Trial, Road Race, Cyclocross, or Gravel
Running – Road or Trail

If this sounds like something that interests you, take some time and fill out the form linked to the button below and let’s get you going FA.S.T.

Plan B

There are 2 reasons you will need “Plan B”
1 – “I signed up for an event and have not trained for it”

More and more I have people come to me saying, “I have 8-weeks to train for a 140.6, can I do it?” My answer is, “YES”. We can sit down with a pencil and paper and get to work to come up with a plan. Why a pencil? Life isn’t perfect and we need to be able to adjust your plan on the fly in order to secure success.

Whether you are training for your 1st or 50th running, cycling, swimming, or triathlon event, I will build a fully customized plan around you.  These custom plans will consider your lifestyle, athletic history, current state of fitness, and goals. We will frequent communication to ensure we maximize your results to get you from wherever you are in fitness to the finish line. DNF will not be an option.

2 – I just raced and how do I recover, train, and get ready for the next one?

Many of us have figured out a plan of how to get to the first race but struggle with how to get to the next event.   Balancing the recovery, training intensity, and volume is a real challenge, but do not stress.  I have extensive experience of racing back to back weekends or just a few weeks apart, and we can come up with a plan to be successful.  We will have frequent communication of how you are feeling to ensure you stay healthy and on track.  Together we will navigate the safest and most effective way to build a plan to get you from your “A” race to an “A+” race just weeks later.

Plan B Cost?

This plan is very hands on and very dynamic.  This plan could be as short as a week or two bouncing between to races or as long as 10 weeks.

Single Sport – $100/wk
Triathlon – $150/wk

How about a Training Camp?

Come train like a professional for a weekend.  Get hands on technique coaching and rub elbows with elite athletes who will push their limits alongside you.  Visit our training camp page.