June 9 - 12 Lake Logan - Andrew Starykowicz - www.andrewstarykowicz.com

June 9 – 12 Lake Logan

WHO – You, Your training partners, & anybody you would like to drop
WHAT – Train with professional triathletes like a professional triathlete
WHEN – June 9 – 12, 2022
WHERE – Lake Logan, NC
WHY – Because this you will talk about & not feel the need for a tattoo

CoVid 19 Concerns & Restrictions

We have been working with the town to make this trip possible.  What is fact today may not be true tomorrow, this is the plan as of today.  We do not just have a plan A, we have plan B, C, D, E, F, & G.  At this time this will be situation to make this trip possible not only this year but for the future.
– Anytime you are in groups indoors or outdoors where AT LEAST 10 ft of space cannot be maintained a face covering must be worn.
– We will have staggered starts for all workouts with assigned times.  1 week prior to the trip an email will go out for you/your group to sign up for your start time for workouts.
– At no point during a workout can any group grow to more than 15 people.
– You are free to congregate pre & post workout but a distance of AT LEAST 10 ft must be maintained & the group can be no larger than 15 people.
– If you are traveling in a vehicle to or from the lake a face covering must be worn if you are within 6′ of somebody else in the vehicle.
– Aid Station will have chilled bottled water & cans of Cola.  Only a masked & gloved staff member can access the cooler.


(Tentative & All Sessions are Optional)
June 9 – Camp begins 11am
11a  Bike – 50 mi loop up to & along the Blue Ridge Parkway (prior to hitting the climb we will do a skills clinic on climbing & descending)
4p Swim – Open Water in Lake Logan
6p Dinner

June 10 – Friday
6a Run
– Long Run – exact route TBA
8a Breakfast
10a Stretching & Core
12p Bike – Ridge Ride along Blue Ridge Parkway heading West
6p Dinner

June 11 – Saturday
6a Swim – Long Swim – Open Water (optional – open water swim clinic working on starts and open water tactics)
8a Breakfast
10a Stretching & Core
11a Bike – Put those climbing legs to the test
4p Group Hike or trail Run – Check out one of the local hiking trails
6p Dinner

June 12 – Camp concludes at 1pm
6a Bike
– Valley Spin
8a Breakfast

10a Swim/Run – 1km Swim Course/2 mi Run Course

All Workouts will begin from the Lake Logan Boat house.

Training Camp Options –
$750 – Training Camp + Camping + Breakfast & Dinner
$975 – Training Camp + 3 Nights Accommodations + Breakfast & Dinner

– 4 days training alongside of Professional Triathletes
– Breakfast & Dinner daily
– Buoyed Open Water Swim Courses
– Marked Bike Courses with cue & elevation profile sheets, & GPX files
– Aid Station mid ride
– Roving Sag Support
– Marked Run Courses

Upgrade your trip for $250

& get a loaded Orca Backpack which includes OVER $500 IN PRODUCT:

  • ProCut FA.S.T Racing Cycling Kit
  • Loaded Saddle Bag – To assure that all participants have the tools to change a flat we are supplying everybody with a saddle bag loaded with a tube, CO2 Gooseneck, CO2, and tire levers.
  • Base Performance Salt and Hydro
  • OS1st Compression Socks
  • Orca Swim Buoy – Required for open water swims during camp
  • Rear Safety Light – Required to have a rear light during camp

If you have questions contact me:

Facebook Messenger (andrew.starykowicz)
Instagram Messenger (@tri_starky)
Twitter Messenger (@starykowicz)