Let the Revolution Begin

Let the Revolution Begin

10/12/2020 in General

Why should you care? Any athlete that does a sanctioned event, including Ironman, is subject to drug testing and compliance with the WADA code.  Most think medications are the only places to find prohibited substances.  Yet many athletes have fallen victim to “contaminated supplements.”  In the coming weeks I am going to pull back the cover on the WADA code for the TUE process.  I will evaluate how USADA is currently executing WADA’s code via my experience and USADA employees testimony.  I will also evaluate Ironman’s addendums to the WADA code and discuss my thoughts.

There continues to be a lot of moving parts and discussions behind close doors.  I am learning a lot daily and am working hard to make sure everything I post continues to be 100% fact.  This is why I will continue to use my personal experience, arbitration testimony, and published USADA, WADA, & Ironman documents and stay away from hearsay.

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