Kona Race Week

Oct/15/2013 in General, Race Reviews

As most know I finished 19th at Ironman World Championships in Hawaii last weekend.  I am still digesting all that happened during the race and will have a full race report next week with pictures and an accurate depiction of the race. I spent the week...


Being Bad

Oct/01/2013 in General

The quest for Kona has been an interesting one especially since I have never trained for an Ironman before. Along the way I learned a lot of things and one of them is that the volume of Ironman training effects not only you but...

The Challenge

Sep/24/2013 in General

Since Kona training hasn't exactly gone to plan, I am challenging anybody to a wagon race after October 12. I have not been in the wind tunnel testing my position yet but if the stakes are high enough I may have to invest in this technology! Anybody...

Kona Bike Build

Sep/03/2013 in Focus Aid, General

There are mind and mood altering drugs that we are warned about growing up, including the expenses and the negative effects on the body...

What is Yaw?

Aug/20/2013 in Focus Aid, General

I have made this very simple so the average Joe can understand what the industry is offering and all of the FTP LT techies can nitpick it apart and tell you what I am missing. Also make sure your calculator is in degrees and not...

Mastering Rev3 South Carolina USAT Long Course Nats

Aug/06/2013 in Focus Aid, General

Rev3 South Carolina is an excellent pick for USAT LC Nationals. If the swim starts are spread out like they are for SC nationals it will be the strongest that conquers. Swim: The swim is a counter clockwise swim in Lake Hartwell around a peninsula so...

Punching my Ticket

Jul/30/2013 in General

As a professional Kona is likely the hardest ticket to obtain. Some may argue HyVee or ITU WCS...