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Brands that help me push through


Having the privilege of helping design the Orbea Ordu I got to experience the other TT bikes and I am proud to ride the fastest frame on the market. The competitors will throw up aero dynamics numbers in a particular condition and show how they are superior but here is the bottom line. If the power you put into the pedals is not getting transferred to the road, it does not matter! The Ordu takes advantage of advancements in carbon technology and puts any rider on a bike that is not only aero and stiff but also has superior ride quality and handling.


The original wetsuit company, Orca were the first to the market and they continue to push the envelope designing faster and faster race suits for both swim skins and wetsuits in the water and race suits that lead the industry in aerodynamics.


We need fluid and nutrition to make it to the finish line and how cool would it be if the devices that held the fluid would make the bike faster? Torhans moto says it all “Conspire Against the Wind,” and I have been in the wind tunnel and the Torhans bottles actually reduce the drag of my bike. I will say no more. torhans.com


I have come off the bike first at 70.3 world championships twice and both of them are credit to the comfortable cockpits of the Vision aerobar systems. Vision aerobars and cranks allow me to transfer every ounce I put into the bike to the road resulting in superior speed. Coming soon…the Metron drive train. visiontechusa.com


When you make training a science then racing becomes all about execution and the best way to capture what the “engine” per se is doing is through a Polar heart rate monitor.


The body is made up largely of salts and water. When this gets off kilter bad things happen, this is why I live on Base salts not only when I am training and racing but I add a little to my water every day to help me recover just a little better.

Giro Cycling

Got to protect the knowledge base and Giro does just that in an aerodynamic way.  It does not stop there, they have designed the best shoes for power transfer and comfort


The smart trainer has changed the way you can train in the winter and on inclimate days. I used to wear gloves on the trainer to soften the vibration from the freewheel melting away my tire, now I wear gloves to catch the gallons of sweat as I get my hard rides in no matter the weather. Wahoo.