What is a TUE & do I need one?

What is a TUE & do I need one?

18/12/2020 in General

In my initial post I said that Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) process needs to be revolutionized.  Over the upcoming posts I will walk through how the process is set up on paper.  In parallel we will be identifying how the process is currently being executed by USADA (US Anti-Doping), WADA (World Anti-Doping), and Ironman.

To start out, we have to identify the purpose of a TUE.  My definition of a TUE is a temporary or long term dispensation to use a prohibited substance.  IronMan states a TUE is necessary for any medication that is prohibited on the GlobalDRO website.  If one visits the USADA website they will instruct you that in addition to Global DRO, they also review supplement 411.  In addition, USADA has created other resources which include a wallet card or call the drug reference line.
The final option is to visit the WADA website and in the resources area pull the WADA prohibited list.

Special notes
1) In USADA’s testimony, they clearly state that using any one of these is sufficient.
– GlobalDRO – preferred method & only method listed on the Ironman website & what I used
– Wallet Card
– Drug Reference Line
– WADA Prohibited List
2) Drug reference Line – Every athlete is encouraged to call for direction, yet in testimony USADA made it clear they cannot give medical advice.
3) If you get in litigation IronMan lawyers will crucify if you do not use every single tool.

For any medical reason you need to take a prohibited substance you need to file a TUE.  USADA is very clear that regardless of condition an athlete should plan on waiting 30 days to take the prohibited substance.  According to the USADA handbook the only exemption is if you are treated in case of an emergency.

If there is any question on whether or not a TUE is needed, visit the the USADA TUE Precheck form. <https://www.usada.org/athletes/testing/tue/determine/>

If a TUE form has been modified for 2021.  The pdf is 5 pages, but the TUE form is considered to be 4 pages.  On the new form pages 1, 2, and the top of page 3 is to be filled out by the patient.  The bottom of page 3 and page 4 needs to be filled out by the physician.

After the form is filled out it can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to USADA.

DO NOT RUN OUT AND APPLY FOR A TUE UNTIL I FINISH ALL POSTS.  Next week I will dive into what USADA does once the TUE application is received and what little we know about the TUEC.

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